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14204 Independence Court,
Basehor, KS 66007.
(816) 419-9015
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Agreement made this day: 05/15/2021, between between DJ Danny Haas (herein called 'DJ') and the above listed party(ies) (herein called 'Purchaser').
1. The DJ shall furnish and Purchaser shall pay for the Engagement described herein. The Engagement     shall consist of professional disc jockey entertainment provided as follows...
2. Place of engagement...
        Building / Suite#:
        City, State and Zip:
        Telephone Number:
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3. Date / Time of Engagement...
        Date of engagement:
        Time / Duration of engagement:
4. Entertainment Packages...
        * Please select the package of choice:
Just Play the Music* $495
For day and outdoor events only
4-5 Hours of DJ Entertainment
Library of Over 200,000 Songs
Flagship Entertainment* $595
4-5 Hours of DJ entertainment
Library of Over 200,000 Songs
Standard Lights: Digital par-cans, 2 digital vertigos, starmax mirror ball
Light-it-up* $695
4-5 Hours of DJ Entertainment
Library of Over 200,000 Songs
Professional Laser Light Show: Standard Lights, Hazer Machine, Galaxian, Scorpion, Intimidator Scanners
LED Laser Light Show
The Ultimate* $895
6 Hours of DJ Entertainment
Library of Over 200,000 Songs
Professional Lighting Show
Ceremony Music (including lapel and wireless micraphones)
Video Projection and Screen for slide show OR Custom Gobo (Project your monogram or initials and wedding date at your reception and have a keepsake memory to last a lifetime. Can project on dance floor or wall.)
*Add Karaoke library and Equipment to any package for only $150.00
*Add Video Projection and Screen for $150
*Add Video Mix to any package for only $150.00
This includes state of the art music videos old and new projected on big screens and played as you dance to the beats.
Ceremony - Same location (includes use of lapel and wireless micraphone and all music needed for ceremony)
This is for events where the ceremony takes place in the same room as the reception and only one set up is necessary. $100.00
Ceremony - Different Location (includes use of lapel and wireless micraphone and all music needed for ceremony)
This is for events where the ceremony takes place in different room or location as the reception and multi set up is necessary. $150.00
Custom Gobo Lighting - $175
Project your monogram or initials and wedding date at your reception and have a keepsake memory to last a lifetime. Can project or dance floor or wall.
Custom Uplighting
     The possibilities are endless you can chose one color or mix and match colors.
        8 Led par cans with bases and shades-$250.00
        12 Led par cans with bases and shades-$340.00
      *All packages include announcements, coordination of events and use of wireless microphone.
Graffiti Wall
Unforgettable Package - 4 Hours $565
Dream Package - 5 Hours $645
Heavenly Package - 6 Hours $725
Al La Cart (minimum 3 hours) - Per Hour $150
All Packages Include
*Graffiti Artist
*Professional Photography
*HD Photo Prints (4x6)
*FREE Set Up/Tear Down
*Pix Loaded within 24hrs. @Facebook.com/GraffitiWallKC
*Graffti Album
*CD with all prints
ADD additional wall $100 (per hour)
ADD Over 300 Guest $100
5. Mileage: Mileage fees apply for locations outside a 50 mile radius of Kansas City, MO.
6. Total Agreed Price: $
7. Service Extension: In the event Purchaser desires that DJ services be extended, a service extension shall     be provided at a rate of $35.00 per half-hour, prior to the performance of the extended services. (Service     extension made at the time of the Engagement is at the discretion of the DJ.)
8. Retainer: A minimum $100.00 retainer is required to secure DJ services for the Engagement date(s). This     amount shall be subtracted from the total price of the Engagement and is non refundable.
9. Balance: Purchaser shall pay the balance of $ in full, on the date of the engagement, or you     may make arrangements to prepay in advance. In the event of late payment a late fee may be added to the     payment terms unless other arrangements are made in advance.
10. Purchaser Cancellation: Events cancelled within 60 days prior to the event will be refunded in full less the retainer. Events cancelled within 30 days prior to the event are subject to cancellation fee up to the amount of balance due. *Note* All cancellations may be approved to move event to another date, If that so date is available at the dj's discresion.
11. Employment: It is agreed that DJ executes this agreement as an independent contractor and is not an     employee of the Purchaser.
12. Equipment / Personnel: The DJ shall at all times have complete supervision, and direction over the     services, materials, and equipment used by the DJ on the engagement described herein.
13. Release: Purchaser grants DJ unconditional release for the use of their name, photographs, or audio     and/or video recordings taken at herein-described event for the purpose of DJ advertising or promotion,     unless otherwise stated prior to the event.
14. Damage / Injury: In the event of circumstances deemed by the DJ to present a threat or implied threat of     injury to the DJ or equipment in the DJ's possession, the DJ reserves the right to cease performance. In the     instance where the event is terminated early due to such circumstances, Purchaser will be responsible for     payment in full. It is understood and agreed that the Purchaser agrees to provide crowd control if warranted.     Purchaser will be liable for any loss or damage to any property belonging to the DJ that is caused by     Purchaser or his/her guests, customers, students, etc.
15. Outdoor Events: If this is an outdoor event, Purchaser shall provide to DJ an area that is sheltered from     rain. The DJ reserves the right to NOT perform if adequate shelter is NOT provided. In the event of an     electrical storm, the event will be suspended and the equipment shut down for the safety of the equipment     and guests. There are no refunds for suspension or cancellation of events due to weather. Time may be     added at the end of the event to make up for suspended time at the sole discretion of the DJ.
16. DJ Cancellation: In the event that the DJ is unable to perform, DJ will provide a suitable replacement at NO     additional charge for the event described. If DJ is unable to provide a replacement, ALL collected fees will be     refunded within thirty days of the event by certified check, or money order.
17. DJ Set up: Please furnish the DJ, a minimum area of 4'x 8' for set-up and one or two 6' or 8' tables. The     Booth should be within 40 feet of a reliable power source. (Two 15 amp, 110 volt circuits)
18. State Agreement: This agreement shall be considered to have been made in the State of MO/KS shall be     interpreted in the state in which the performance is to take place, and rights and liabilities shall be     determined, in accordance with the laws of the state in which the performance shall be. If any of the     provisions of this agreement are contrary to, prohibited by, or held invalid under applicable laws or     regulations of any jurisdiction in which it is sought to be enforced, then that provision shall be considered     inapplicable and omitted but shall not invalidate the remaining provisions.
19. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between Purchaser and DJ Danny Haas. This contract may     not be modified unless amended in writing and signed by the Purchaser and DJ. This contract must be     signed by someone 18 years of age or older.
Signature:    Date:  05-15-2021
Purchaser's Signature:    Date:  05-15-2021
2nd Purchaser's Signature:    Date:  05-15-2021